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> On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 07:12:25PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs via
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> > > > 
> > > > I think a separate /run would be OK.
> > 
> > > Have you tried building firefox in chroot in the last couple
> > > of years, with /run in chroot not mounted ?
> > 
> > I have not.  I only need to build about 10 packages in chroot:
> > nfs and openssh mostly.  Then I build everything over ssh.
> > 
> >   -- Bruce
> > 
> Tht is my normal approach too (well, rather more than 10, but not
> what I regard as desktop packages).  But from time to time I try
> to boot, check the system boots, then go back to the host system
> and either get at least firefox built from chroot, or else build
> most of my desktop - the latter is for my laptop, where I have not
> yet sorted out why only one tty seems to be available and where
> wifi is the way to go (so, initially NM and eventually n-m-a when
> I have a desktop that can use it, then reboot).
> And since 2017 (firefox-53) I have seen the problem on those
> occasions where I re-entered chroot and /run was not mounted.
> But can we continue this in the thread I started on -dev, please ?
Coming back to this thread on -support to apologise to Bruce: you
were right, I was wrong.  So far, I've tested mozjs60 like that
(i.e.  try without, if it fails mount /run as just a tmpfs and
retry), and am now testing seamonkey which definitely also needs
this approach.

I'll follow up on -dev in a day or more when I've finished testing
(will not test node-js, I could not find anything in strace output
from JS60, only the failure while writing config.log, so I am going
to assume that node will work adequately if built in chroot even if
/run is not mounted).

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