Hi all,
As promised, here are my results from installing and registering blast chamber 
on windows 10.
TLDR: it worked. Pretty much perfectly. Its going to be supremely annoying if 
all of these cases are because people aren't extracting both files from the 
registration generator.
There were some problems running the game, which I will detail along with the 

The details:
I used NVDA during this test. Its unlikely screen reader choice will have an 
impact, but its worth mentioning just in case.
The windows 10 machine is fully updated and running the latest version.
I downloaded both the setup for Blast Chamber and the registration program from 
agarchive.net, to ensure that we're all dealing with exactly the same files.
There were no issues raised by windows defender/microsoft security essentials, 
which was active during the test. This doesn't mean your software won't flag 
them, just that mine didn't. I did also install clasic pipe, which was flagged 
and couldn't install. There's not much that can be done about these issues. 
Disable realtime  protection and any network connection while 
I ran no programs explicitly as administrator. All applications (installer, 
keygen, registration, configuration and the game itself) require elevation, 
which UAC prompts for.
The default installation choices made by setup were accepted entirely.
Once the game finished installing, I used the desktop shortcut to run Blast 
Chamber registration, and copied he registration code.
I then ran the keygen, pasted it in, and got the product ID.
I returned to blast chamber registration, pressed the register button, and was 
told the game had been registered successfully.

The only problem that came up was when running the game itself from the 
shortcuts placed on the desktop. It errored out with a file not found. This 
occurs regardless of where the game's installed, or if you make the shortcuts 
yourself. To get around it, navigate to and run the executable directly. If 
you're not sure where its been put, reinstall the games, and when asked for an 
installation directory, supply:
This will install to your desktop, and you should be able to find the 
executable from there.
After that extra step, a practice round played through just fine.

I hope this can finally put the nail in this particular coffin. BSC games are 
old. You should not be running them on new computers. There's a reason older 
video games require emulators. Systems change, and the old programs don't know 
how to handle them.

In closing, I give you some Amazon links to resolve your problems. Utilize one, 
keep the machine off the internet, and please always fully extract archive 
files before running the programs they contain.

$90, windows xp (could run 7):

$100 (includes monitor):


There are a lot more of these (I've seen a solid xp machine for $40). If you're 
going to play old games and want them to work without problems, get old 
machines to do it on.

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