Where's the benefit of Windows 7 in this or any other gaming scenario? I 
honestly can't think of one, aside from those games that aren't compatible with 
XP. And while I accept that XP is old and hard to support (Lord knows I've been 
pushing people to upgrade), it's also lightning fast in a VM backed by an SSD 
and has no 3D audio issues.

For the audio latency issues, it's a simple change to your VMX file. In VMWare 
Fusion at least, XP guests are guaranteed to have the correct hardware, the 
Ensoniq virtual PCI audio device. A full description of tweaking the latency is 

I would use the shell, rather than TextEdit. Much less fiddly. I can get away 
with a value of 15 ms for most games.

Recently I have also taken to using Wine. This really does provide the ultimate 
experience. But it falls down rapidly when any kind of TTS is involved (you 
can't customise it easily) or when, as with the BSC games, you've got important 
information displayed in GUI dialog boxes. So you may find that XP provides the 
better solution for most situations. I think Wine is important, though, because 
a big part of gaming is making it instant access--something you just can't 
realistically do, on any platform, when you've got virtualisation involved. At 
least, not yet.
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