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I started out in the mainland, went west through the swamp west into the large lake west past that to the coastline. Then all the way north to the northern ocean. Then backed south slowly making sure to stay close to the barrier on my right. I went south past the cliff edge, to the long narrow valley. I climbed up into it with page up went through it across the bridge down the other side back onto the beach. Then went south. Then found my way west and more south west to the wet prairie. I went through the wet prairie into the large lake, got sweet grass there for a quest. Then I went to the northwest corner of the prairie south a few tiles and hit shift enter to go under the natural rocky spires. Then west along the path to the rock slide. Staying on the bottom of the rock slide I went south maybe 10 or so tiles then west into the canyons. i went west past one path south that dead ends. then west more into another path south that takes you into a small canyon forest. But don't go in there just trees not much is there. So in the place where it says near the middle of the canyons then go west and when you hit a barrier go north until you hit another barrier and then you climb up using page up to climb up page down for climb down to the broken forest then you go north all the way using your camera letter g with arrows to make sure you do not fall. so once in the broken forest if i remember right you go north till you are one tile away from air, and falling. then go west to the fallen tree. walk north along the fallen tree. once over the fallen tree turn and go east maybe a couple hundred tiles till you can not go east anymore. and now, people, I am stuck. Where do I go from here? I tried jumping onto the barrier I fell and died and used a dfc card that keeps you from dying and loosing all your stuff. If anyone can help me and tell me how to get past this next part it would be quite helpful. thanks.


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