It sounds like you need a few components.
If you install Jim Kitchin’s games they will install all the vb6 stuff, 
likewise, try installing any of aprone’s games,  Swamp, castaways, revelation, 
lunimals etc and running the “checkup” file, that will add several more things 
you need. 

I installed these two and the only games I’ve had trouble running on windows 10 
are the Bsc ones. 


All the best, 


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From: Tracy Smith
Sent: 11 August 2017 18:46
To: blind-gamers@groups.io
Subject: [blind-gamers] PLAYING OLDER GAMES ON WINDOWS 10

Hi All

I sometimes still enjoy playing some of the older games, and I don’t mind going 
to a bit of trouble to get them to work.

So now, I tried to install BlankBlock and it installed fine, but once I try to 
open the game, I get this error:

Run-time error '429':

ActiveX component can't create object

The same thing happened with Lockpick. What does that message mean, and is it 
possible to fix it?

Kind Regards

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