We started off the year right with a lot of great updates for our game!

We have been busy relevelling areas all over the world!  This has been in 
response to the increase of the maximum player level from 37 to 38.  The 
relevelling goals have been to provide high level content for new level 38 
players and to better spread the distribution of lower level areas.  For now, 
primarily mobs have been focus of these area relevels, and it may be some time 
until the objects in those areas are improved to meet the new levels.

Another well-received change last month would be the update to dispel magic 
that lowers the spell levels of any spell it fails to take down by one to three 
levels.  This actually makes it pragmatic to use dispel against an enemy with 
ridiculously high level defensive spells.

Other additions include:

- Improving permanent consecrations.  The permanent option has been redesigned 
to give tanks much needed relief in maintaining their equipment.

- Adding more crafting options, more minerals, and more heraldry designs to 
work with.  We have introduced rare sky iron ore deposits which are 
occasionally left by meteor showers.

- The Inn of the Lonely Wanderer, a hub for many quests in the level 20-29 
island of Archais, has been improved so that quests will run smoother now and 
be compatible with areas that have recently had their levels modified.

- The Cranston Hills were released last month, a level 28 area.

In February we will continue to smooth out the levels of zones on the main 
continent.  Also coming soon:

- New fish and forageable items for underground aquatic areas.

- New gemstones for lapidary, and improved ac for mastercrafted armor.

- The cooking skill.  Cooking will add a degree of interactivity to the outcome 
as meat and fish will need to be flipped to prevent burning, and the player 
will decide when the food is cooked enough and stop.

- A new level 41 Suboria area called The Shiroi Sora Monastery scheduled to be 
opened late February or early March.

- A new level 26 area will be finished soon called the Ironcliff Fort, which 
will start a new batch of quests on the eastern side of the chasm that divides 
the island of Archais.

- Traps weren't quite finished before the end of January, but we'll have ready 
in February.

- Last but not least, we will running a small Valentine's Day themed event, 
beginning on the morning of Tuesday, February 13th and ending the evening of 
Thursday the 15th.

For more information, check out latest Youtube video: 

www.alteraeon.com ( http://www.alteraeon.com )

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