Oh my yes. He and I had no small number of chats on Facebook, particularly in 
the area of rock music, especially when it came to songs I had attempted or was 
considering attempting at Karaoke.

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Tom has been on my mind recently too.

He was one of the first people to say hi to me back in 2006 when I joined 
the audeasy list, and we had a lot of chats, here, on the audiogames.net 
forum, and on the Usagames list too.
obviously with him being the administrator of audeasy and me being in charge 
of audiogames.net we frequently talked about moderation matters, but we also 
discussed a lot of other things, especially in terms of Christianity and 
science, relationships and the differences between America and Britain.

I would love to tell him that I'm now married to an American, visually 
impared none loopy christian, I think he'd have quite a lot to say and I'd 
love to have had his opinion.

it seems odd to miss someone I never spoke to in person, though as we 
probably communicated daily at least for close to ten years it's not so 

I hope Tom's happy wherever he is now.

All the best,


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