After talking to Lord Adrianus, I go to the mines first and pick up
the thief. The thief is the most useful character, given that he can
open locked chests and the like.

On 2/9/18, Phil Vlasak <> wrote:
> I always go to The graveyard first.
> Because of...
> spoiler
> space.
> location of party members.
> Gwen Adrianus,  outside of Lord Adrianus's manner,
> thief named Simeon hiding out in the mines,
> priestess named Alexia in the graveyard to the east,
>    Matthias, a noble ranger in the deep woods.
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> Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2018 10:13 PM
> Subject: [blind-gamers] AHC starting point.
>>A couple of friends of mine started playing A Hero's Call.
>> This is their first audio game.
>> They have asked me which location should they go to first?
>> I mention that most of everyone playing goes to deep woods first.
>> I have also mention that it really doesn't matter.
>> However it did made me wonder what is everyone's answer to this question.
>> What location should one start?
>> Deep wood, The graveyard or The mines.

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