Nick this game Idea sounds amazing. I look forward to seeing this come
to life. I would totally love being able to drive around my city and
others cities as well. I love the fact that you plan on making us work
with others cities as well.

On 2/12/18, dark <> wrote:
> Hi Knick.
> Hope I'm not too late to this discussion being as I've been on a vocal
> studdies course all weekend :D.
> One game I'd love to see which I think you'd be in an ideal position to make
> is an sf themed single player space colonization game.
> There are hundreds of games online where you can minimax your space colony
> or space empire to battle other players, but very littel that actualy give
> you the idea of going out into an alien environment.
> I'd love to see a game where you had to build up a colony from scratch, grow
> and manage your population, look at the resources of your planet or star
> system and see what you can make, try to relate to  nearby aliens by war or
> peaceful means, and generally attempt to  survive.
> The  sort of game I'm thinking would be a little like castaways in that
> you'd be building buildings, producing resources and other  pieces of
> technology, but you'd also be researching, exploring your planet as well as
> (when you have the  vehicles and resources), it's moons and near by space,
> to gather more resources and  increase your colony even further.
> It'd be  particularly awesome if the game could be a little random so you
> had to adapt to things, both small scale disasters, like maybe your planet
> has some rainy weather that rusts some of your materials, to major
> problems, like  maybe your planet is low in metals and so you need to take
> more time working on genetics and organic research instead.
> What I've always found  irritating about so many click happy online space
> games (apart from the endless minimax pvp  elements), is they miss the
> random, haphazard nature of really being in an alien place. You click
> "build ship hanger" and ping! there it is.
> In reality, maybe the ground would be too soft, or maybe you have a sudden
> attack of alien giant flying jelly fish you need to  beat back.
> I'd love to see a game that had you look after human colonies, had you
> struggle against the environment, and come up in the end.
> With your focus on games related to time, as well as the great job you did
> Park boss, I definitely think this could be a good project, and one which
> would give a very unique experience in audio gaming.
> Hth.
> All the best,
> Dark.

Lenron Brown
Cell: 985-271-2832
Skype: ron.brown762

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