Tomato juice worked many years ago.  Sadly the key chemical that made it 
effective was bred out of tomatoes long ago.  Now using tomato juice simply 
wastes money and adds to the clean up.  And that I can testify to from personal 


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Tomato juice, and lots of it.
Yikes, Betsy
At 01:06 AM 8/30/2010, you wrote:
>What is the best way to clean up a skunk spray 
>and can clothing be cleaned? I just got a call 
>from my daughter her husband got sprayed this 
>morning taking out the trash. The skunk was 
>along side of his porch, this is in the middle 
>of town. Anyway he changed his clothes but had 
>to go to work with his new fragrance. He works 
>in a factory that has a very strict point 
>system. If you are late, call off you get some 
>points and ten points in a year you are fired. 
>Anyway my daughter is very upset with the odor in her home.
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