I was at the Yamaha shop about two years ago and they had some of their big 
bikes in the show room.  They told me the belt was made of Kevlar.  I'm sure 
there are other parts to it as well, but that's what they told me.  
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  Motorcycles also use driveshaft's.
  The belt that is used for a drive belt on a motorcycle is very similar to a
  timing belt in a car. There are teeth that fit in to grooves on the
  sprocket. The first time I heard of a belt drive on a motorcycle, I thought
  of a fan belt, and I couldn't figure out how that would work without
  Less messy than a chain, but you still need to adjust it every once in a
  while, and the last one I worked on you still had to move the back tire to
  adjust the belt. also less forgiving when it comes to dirt and stuff getting
  in the sprockets.
  Bob, did you mean belts are made from Kevlar:? I have never heard of a
  Kevlar chain.



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  The most common cause of chain failure is a lack of proper maintenance.


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  > The chains on motorcycles are made of Kevlar which is also what they make 
  > bullet proof vests from.
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  > Aloha all,
  > Some friends of ours are overseas and wrote that they bought a
  > bicycle with a rubber belt instead of a chain. Another person
  > responded that these kind of belts have been used in motorcycles for
  > awhile, but are also appearing in the bicycle world. This may be old
  > news to some of you, but it seem cool to me that they won't rust or
  > need lubrication.
  > Betsy
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