let us know when it passes please.

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> The US Senate yesterday passed the Twenty-first Century Communications and 
> Video Accessibility Act of 2010 by unanimous consent. The bill, described by 
> the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT) as "a 
> monumental step forward in accessible technology", will have many 
> implications for access in the US.
> Among its provisions are the following requirements:
>  a.. All captioned TV programs will be captioned when delivered over the 
> Internet.
>  b.. The top 4 network channels and top 5 cable channels will provide audio 
> description (AD) on 7 hours of programming per week.
>  c.. Televised emergency information will be accessible to the blind and 
> vision impaired.
>  d.. Receiving devices of any size will be capable of displaying closed 
> captions, delivering AD, and accessing emergency information.
>  e.. Controls on televisions and set-top boxes will be accessible, and 
> captions and AD easy to access.
> The bill, which has been amended since previously being approved by the House 
> of Representatives, will return to the House for final approval and COAT is 
> optimistic that it will soon be passed.
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