Well the new refrigerator is installed. It has some nice features but is not at 
all blind friendly. It has a touch pad display that shows the temp of both the 
freezer and refrigerator compartments. There are buttons to turn on power cool 
and the ice maker. I had no choice because it was the only one that I could 
locate that would fit in the kitchen area. The boss is very happy with it so I 
am also happy. It is a Samsung and is the only one other than the one at Lowes 
that  would fit. The one at Lowes did not have one good review. I normally do 
not purchase service agreements but could not pass this one up. With all of the 
electronics and features I thought it was worth it. For $125 there is a 5 year 
policy that covers everything even if we break something like a glass shelf. It 
also covers $250 for food loss. Hope I never need it but nice to know I have it.
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