Aloha Blake,
I think this is definitely a handyman question. 
If I am sweeping in the house, I will often sweep 
all the dust to a corner and then it is easier to 
get down on the floor and, using a papertowel or 
a cloth, you can push the dirt right into the 
dust pan. When you're done, you can also use a 
damp cloth to get the very fine dust that will probably still be there.
At 01:37 AM 9/4/2010, you wrote:
>Hi all, we have hardwood flors in our house and most of the time i
>just vacume it and it works out fine but sometimes i think it would be
>better swept. The problem is how do you guys go about doing this in a
>large room? Do you use a dust pan and sweep the stuff just towards it
>around that are in grid paterns? Problem i seem to miss te dust pan
>hhahaha. I know this isn't exactly a blind handy man question but i
>thought maybe it would pass.

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