That's why I moved out of the north western corner of Indiana and the lower 
Chicago weather.  Screw that ice and snow noise!  Yes, it gets a bit toasty 
here in the summer in Las Vegas but in the winter there is no snow to shovel 
and if it turns really cold it might get down to 30.


Please click on:
There, you'll find files of my arrangements and performances played on
the Yamaha Tyros keyboard.  I often add files so check back regularly!

The albums in Technics  format formerly on my website are still
available upon request.

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OOOHHHH those chilly blustery days soon will be on us before too long. But 
for now in the Tampa Bay Fl, area we are still recieving lows in the high 
70's and highs in the low 90's. that is why I moved from Kansas to here. No 
snow to shovel, no ice to scrape off windshields. no slip slidin away to 
work. I love it.
You All Have a Great Day and a safe holiday weekend

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Date: Sunday, September 5, 2010, 10:53 AM

I hesitate to sound like I'm complaining as it is only in the 50s here in 
the sunny and hot South.
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Subject: [BlindHandyMan] Who turned off the heat!

It's 44F here this evening! Who turned off the heat! Didn't get up to 50 all 

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