Aloha everyone,

I am looking for your great solutions.
I roast coffee beans in a roasting machine that has a drum made of cast iron.
The drum can get to around 700 degrees. The beans get to around 400 
degrees plus depending on the darkness you want. The beans touch a 
sensor which tells on a print display what temperature the beans are 
at. It is critical to know the temperature of the beans which is 
vital to the roasting process . I am looking for a talking device 
that could read the digital temperature display or a talking 
thermometer that has a probe that can be put in to the barrel and the 
beans touching the probe will register the temperature of the beans. 
I might like a wireless thermometer if one exists so I can access the 
temperature everywhere in the wear house and do the next steps 
required for completing the roasting process. I suggest that the 
thermometer probe or sensor be able to tolerate temperatures up to 
800 degrees. Look forward to hearing from you.
Aloha Sheryl

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