I don't know about your other questions, but about the speakup installation:
I wrote a small script a while ago  to assist me in speakup installation for 
the current kernel under Fedora.
It uses a generic kernel for the compilation, compiles only speakup and copies 
it into the current kernel's module directory.

It has also a 'prepare' option - for installing dependancies.
I've tried to adapt it for apt-get, dnf and pacman based distributions, but 
actually tested it only under Fedora.

I posted it to the speakup mailing list, but no one responded so far.
I'll be glad to hear your opinion.

Best wishes,

  Fernando Botelho wrote:
Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 01:27:05PM -0300

> Hi everyone,
> I must be getting old, because I have become backup-obssessed.
> In addition to a backup of my home folder, I would like to use the ARCH
> pacman off-line alternate process, where one keeps a list of packages and
> the actual packages on disk, just in case Internet access is not available
> or is too slow.
> In that context, do Kernel changes like Speakup appear in the list of
> installed packages?  I imagine not, is this correct?
> Also, what is the best source of instructions on how to install Speakup?
> Thanks,
> Fernando
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