Well, I tried posting a similar inquiree in the Speakup list, but it never went through.
Also, I tried joining the Vinux list, but they require you to sign in to google.
So here are comments-and-questions?
#1 It would be much simpler if they also were to provide a windows executable, as dealing with an iso is not always convenient. #2 I was pleasantly surprised that installing Vinux along side windows vista did not nuke a JAWS10 authorization. #3 The Vinux WIKI hardly mentions screen-readers-and-how to enable them. I did purchase Voxen, as I would never wanna hear e-speak for anything. #4 Ideally, can some1 please inform what to edit so it will boot in console with either Speakup or YASR? I don't mind having access to a graphical, but I would rather boot in a TCSH shell. I can certainly use Notepad in windows to edit any configs, unless, a duel boot won't see the windows side of the house? #5 And yes I would want great sounding speech in both console-and-graphical on a 64bit image on a laptop.
Thanks so much in advance for guidance

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