Sorry, I didn't see the rest of your questions. I asume you're talking about Vinux.

I don't run Windows myself, but I'm pretty sure the wiki points people to some various options to build a bootable USB stick under Windows.

Vinux comes up with Orca enabled, and I'm not sure what other screen reader options exist for Linux, so I'm not sure why Vinux would have to provide information on the wiki on how to enable Orca.

You can purchase Voxin through the Vinux pages, but I use eSpeak myself.

On 16/09/16 22:21, Hart Larry wrote:
Well, I tried posting a similar inquiree in the Speakup list, but it
never went through.
Also, I tried joining the Vinux list, but they require you to sign in to
So here are comments-and-questions?
#1 It would be much simpler if they also were to provide a windows
executable, as dealing with an iso is not always convenient.
#2 I was pleasantly surprised that installing Vinux along side windows
vista did not nuke a JAWS10 authorization.
#3 The Vinux WIKI hardly mentions screen-readers-and-how to enable them.
I did purchase Voxen, as I would never wanna hear e-speak for anything.
#4 Ideally, can some1 please inform what to edit so it will boot in
console with either Speakup or YASR? I don't mind having access to a
graphical, but I would rather boot in a TCSH shell.
I can certainly use Notepad in windows to edit any configs, unless, a
duel boot won't see the windows side of the house?
#5 And yes I would want great sounding speech in both
console-and-graphical on a 64bit image on a laptop.
Thanks so much in advance for guidance

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