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> The emacs manual is generally easy to understand but I'm having the
> opposite experience with gnus. I don't understand much of the
> terminology, I don't yet know elisp and ATM I'm just trying to figure
> out how to set up gmail.

Yeah, pretty much my experience back in 2004.  If you plan on learning
elisp, I'd suggest the elisp intro.  It's in the info documentation that
comes with emacs.  Well it does on most distros anyway, but Debian puts
it in a separate package in their nonfree repository.  Package is called
emacs24-common-non-dfsg, emacs25-common-non-dfsg, or some other such
thing.  Because politics.  I think it's called eintr.  So if you use C-h
i to get into the info reader,
g (eintr)
will display it.

I could probably send you all my mail-related configs.  They're
scattered across three or four files.

-- Chris

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