i wonder what kind of screen reader are you using currently?
just to know why are you affect this. orca should not be affected.

what is needed to use fenrir is that speech-dispatcher is streaming to pulse insteed of alsa. that why spd-conf for root is needed. you can always revert all kind of missconfiguration by delete the folder in home ".config/speech-dispatcher/" in /root (for root) and in /home/user/ for your user.

what screenreader are you using currently? orca should not affect by changes here since it is overwriting stuff by its own settings (like fenrir does).
cheers chrys

Am 12.08.2017 um 19:32 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
Running spd-conf messed up my speech.
I listen to speech very fast. It slowed it down! I find a system with
slow speech to be barely useable.

I had sped it up by modifying the max speed setting in

That modified file is still there, but speech is still slow. Please
help! My thoughts are wandering between syllables.

On 8/11/17, Linux for blind general discussion <> wrote:

i updated the fenrir user wiki to hopfully be more useful for
troubleshooting. i hope this helps
corrections are always welcome since i have a really bad english lol but
i try to do my best.

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