I have an HP Envy laptop I bought last summer, and I'm also running Ubuntu 16.04. I see the first problem you reported, but I'm not sure if I've seen the second problem or not. I assume that this is because I'm still running Orca 3.18.2. I haven't upgraded myself, but I've seen posts from others on how to upgrade to Orca 3.26. I suspect this will solve my problems and maybe your's if you're still running the Orca that comes with Ubuntu 16.04.

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Hey all,

  I bought an HP Envy laptop about a month ago and installed Ubuntu 16.04. Once 
I began using it I ran into some issues. The first is the unresponsiveness of 
Orca. When I am trying to select text to copy or cut it to the clip board Orca 
does not speak. Also when I am entering commands at the console Orca loses 
focus of the prompt and it will not allow me to type. I have to switch back and 
forth from the Desktop and the terminal window several times to get Orca to 
gain focus of the prompt.

Has anyone else had these issues with Ubuntu and Orca? I have no choice on 
using Ubuntu 16.04 but if there is a way to install other tools to make the 
Ubuntu experience better I would be open to some suggestions. Thanks
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