Hello Janina,

Thanks for this reply with all your feedback. I guess I did not really pose the 
question correctly. I have used VMware Fusion, Virtualbox, and Parallels on my 
Mac. The set up was not the question I had. Someone said they use a virtual 
Machine running Linux on their Mac because Mac is not capable of doing what 
Linux is. My question was more directed to this person on how did they do what 
they needed to do on Linux through a virtual machine on a Mac? I use Mac every 
day and have for over a decade now and I know it is capable of doing whatever I 
need it to with no issue. What I am not able to do is use Linux through a 
virtual machine. The commands necessary to interact with Orca will double as 
system commands with or with out Voiceover enabled. Even if you map the Insert 
modifier which a Mac does not have to the caps lock key Orca still requires 
commands which will exit you from the VM window. 

If in fact someone is able to use a virtual machine on a Mac completely trhough 
the use of a screen reader I would really like to know how so I can configure 
my machine to do the same. I have about five to seven AWS instances set up to 
use for Linux but if I could get one running locally on my Mac in a VM I would 
be very happy. Again I am not at all talking about the installing of the 
virtual machine I am specifically talking about the configuration of the 
machine to remain in focus when interacting through keyboard commands. 
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