On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Dave Taht wrote:

I did a fairly comprehensive string of tests today, comparing it at 20Mbits, 48ms RTT, to cubic and competing with cubic, against a byte fifo of 256k, pie, cake, cake flowblind, and fq_codel.

20 megabit/s is 2.5 megabyte/s, so that 256k FIFO is only 100ms worth of buffering. I guess you see packet drop in steady state here, ie buffer is full?

I'd be interested in seeing same experiment start with 10MB FIFO, and having CUBIC flow start first and give it proper head start.

My intuition and understanding of what's going to happen might very well be completely off, but I think it'd be interesting to know.

I'll take a look at your flent data, thanks for posting them!

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