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I've had the discussion with "radio guys" before regarding "fairness" of radio resources. They kept talking about "optimising the cell for throughput". I told them "then we should give the speaker with the highest bitrate and demand for bits as much radio resources as possible, and starve everybody else". This is of course not good for general customer satisfaction.

After a lot of discussions back and forth, we came to the same conclusion as you seem to have come to (if I understood Tokes talk correctly), in that "radio time" is the most fair resource. If someone has bad radio conditions then they get lower total throughput than the one with good radio conditions, so the fairness is "equal air time". This means everybody get equal part of the shared resource, and gives people an incentive to try to improve radio reception if they have trouble, and doesn't starve everybody else of airtime just because one device is having a bad radio day.

So full support for this approach from me, good job!

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