Next challenge: FQ into silicon...

One of the reasons of what Jim describes under the "Here lies madness"
is related to silicon built-in functionalities and the ability to update
software in edge-routers.

Many chipcos build their board with several  CPU offloading mechanisms,
to support 1Gbps in the home.

My home router uses a fourth-generation BCM3384 euro-DOCSIS 3.0
System-on-a-Chip (SoC)
capable of 1Gbps downstream speeds by bonding up to 24x8 DOCSIS channels.
One at 600MHz for the modem and one for the OS at 1GHz.

I get 1Gbps downstream reliably and excessive latency too, ...reliably.

It's a Linux box in the end but no way to enable FQ_codel based on the
current architecture
as TCP pipelines are offloaded to silicon.

the are all sort of acceleration in the SoC, so I don't see it impossible
to get FQ there.

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> I wish that more people agreed that fair queuing and AQM were the
> rightest answers to the political debate, of both sides, to
> NetworkNeutrality. RF8290 is fair to flows, no matter whose they are.
> I also would like stuff like what Jim just wrote to somehow escape the
> filter bubble, compressed down into terms found in everyday language.
> Or a checkbox item on an RFP.
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