Wow, excellent post Jim!

Great summary of the progress and status as of this date.

It is indeed hard to believe more in the industry don’t get it or if they do, 
adopt it.

Also, loved this: “How many of you have successfully configured your home 
router QOS page, without losing hair from your head.” Which is why the IQrouter 
has no QoS UI, just a couple of buttons to re-start the automatic optimization 
run if you change service levels. Everything else is hidden. 

And there is some hope for ISPs, as a very Woke local ISP now rents / sells 
IQrouters to their users, as it was the only way to keep their rural DSL and 
Cable customers happy. But I had to spend four hours (across multiple meetings) 
educating them on the topic of bufferbloat and its mitigations. 

Thanks again,

Jonathan Foulkes

> On Feb 11, 2018, at 8:11 PM, Jim Gettys <> wrote:
> My version is up: dunno why the ietf web site doesn't have it up yet (It was 
> supposed to go up 7pm ET).
> <>
> We will push this on social media first thing in the morning.  Those of you 
> in Europe, please do so as well (it's best to get the ball rolling in the 
> morning in Europe before the western hemisphere wakes up).
> Thank you all for all of your help.  I have tried to credit everyone 
> appropriately as best I can.
> All the best,
> Jim
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