Hi folks,

I have been seeing Jim Gettys' post echo around the intertubes. This caused me 
to look at what we're saying about the Make Wi-Fi Fast project.

The "Current Status" at 
https://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/make-wifi-fast/wiki/ says:

As of early 2017, we have achieved many of these improvements, specifically a 
decrease of latency by at least an order of magnitude, with fair sharing of air 
time across fast and slow devices.

        • Working software is available in LEDE firmware that runs on 
off-the-shelf routers, x86 boxes, and embedded systems.
        • An academic paper describing the current state of the working 
software has been submitted for publication; a preprint is available at Ending 
the Anomaly: Achieving Low Latency and Airtime Fairness in Wifi.
        • An earlier recorded presentation and status of the Make Wifi Fast 

Does someone who's close to the work want to update this with any news/more 
conclusive statements? Thanks.


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