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    Hi Colin,

    >> My recommendation is to only allow GUI access via HTTPS, which can be

    >> configured via the GUI itself.


    > How would I do this? Can't find a setting (but then I may not be

    > looking in the right place!).

    "Server Management" / "Maintenance" / "Server Desktop".

    The field "GUI access protocols" usually shows "HTTP and HTTPS". Change

    it to "HTTPS only" and tick the checkbox for "Redirect to Server-Name".

    What it does is this:

    Say the server is named and you have a Vsite named

    Someone goes to, which will (as usual) redirect

    to the AdmServ at

    However: If the GUI is set to "HTTPS only", it will redirect once more


    This serves two purposes: You can only see any GUI page when you access

    it via HTTPS. Any call to a GUI page via HTTP will be redirected to the

    respective HTTPS page of the same URL.

    The checkbox "Redirect to Server-Name" (if ticked) will make sure that

    you don't get the "The certificate is only valid for"

    error if someone uses You would get that if we

    did a straight redirect from there to HTTPS without replacing the domain


    Unavoidably you still see it if someone uses,


 I knew it had to be there somewhere! ☺

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