On all my BX boxes if I put the name of the server into the browser it 
redirects to the login with port 444
So if I type in  http://server1.domain.com it will then redirect to 
If I type in http://<server ip address> it loads the first vsite include at the 
bottom of httpd.conf as I would expect.

This is except one server which redirects to the first vsite if I use the url 
or the IP address. :-/

Looking in httpd.conf shows document root as /var/www/html and this is not 
commented out.
In that folder is the index.html with the correct redirect.

I should know this, but what am I missing? Apache is obviously not picking up 
the header on the query?
ServerName is correct in httpd.conf

I should know this but I think I have been looking at it too long! Can't see 
wood for trees!



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