Hi Colin,

> On all my BX boxes if I put the name of the server into the browser it 
> redirects to the login with port 444
> So if I type in  http://server1.domain.com it will then redirect to 
> http://server1.domain.com:444/login.php 
> If I type in http://<server ip address> it loads the first vsite include at 
> the bottom of httpd.conf as I would expect.

You say it redirects to login.php? That must be BlueOnyx 5106R, 5107R or
5108R then, as the BlueOnyx with newer GUI would redirect to /login
(without the *.php) instead.

Generally the redirects to the GUI only happen if there is nothing else
in httpd.conf that satisfies the request.


There are no ...

Include /etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/site*

... lines at the bottom which contain <VirtualHost> containers with any
FQDN (or alias) which would match the request.

In that case the only match that will always trigger is the DocumentRoot
/var/www/html/index.html, which redirects to port 444 of the GUI.

Things to check:

1.) Does your httpd.conf have the Include lines at the bottom for the
vhost subdirectories? Do these includes make sense? Check their syntax
as well.

2.) Is DNS resolution working on the server? Check /etc/resolv.conf and
make sure your server can resolve DNS. Because if it can't, then Apache
might not be able to determine if a VirtualHost should be served.

Usually it's these two things where it goes amiss.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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