Does this make sense:

I am using MariaDB and have the similar problem.

From MariaDB site <>, it is recommended to fix it by

1. Switch to using the mysqlnd driver in PHP (Recommended solution).

2.Run with a lower error reporting level:

3.$err_level =error_reporting(0);

4.$conn =mysql_connect('params');


5. Recompile PHP with the MariaDB client libraries.
6. Use your original MySQL client library with the MariaDB.

My problem fixed by using the mysqlnd driver in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-getinstall php5-mysqlnd



On 10/17/2016 10:40 AM, Michael Stauber wrote:
Hi RC,

Are there any issue if I uninstall MariaDB 10.1.18-1?
Not really. Please give it a try.

I looked into it last night and I think your applications such as Drupal
are a bit too uptight about raising an issue here. The general
connection between PHP and MariaDB works just perfectly despite what
they say.


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