Hi all,

Just had a bit of a late night and just as I was going to sleep I lost 
connectivity to the server.

I was doing some work on a content management system which may or may not be 
relevant, but it was likely to be intensive on the disk access as it was 
deleting around 50 photo images.

I did gen an email:
Active Monitor has detected recent changes in the state of your server 
For more details, please see the Active Monitor section of the Server Desktop.

Summary of changes:

* Fail2ban is not running and could not be restarted. Please try to restart the 
service fail2ban manually.

* The AV-SPAM services are not working correctly. This might interfere with 
email delivery. Please restart the related services manually.
- The SpamAssassin services 'spamassassin' and/or 'spamass-milter' are not 
running and could not be restarted. Please restart this services manually.

So currently I cannot ping, log in via the web portal, access any site on the 
server from my normal IP address. I have tested from a remote IP and I believe 
I was able to access a web site for a few moments then I was getting time out 
messages in the browsers.

I tried a restart of the server (I was putting that off, but I only had console 
access) as it could ping out and nothing could ping in. When restarting, if I 
am pinging it from a remote server I get 5 ping responses during restart, prior 
to restart and after restart all pings are block, it would appear all inbound 
traffic is blocked.

I would like to know how to trouble shoot this further, possibly what logs to 
check? To see if I can find out if it is fail2ban or something else blocking me.

Server is running 5209R and I have not made any known changes in the last weeks.

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