Hi Chris,

> Unfortunately this doesn't work for me when there is a Lets Encrypt
> certificate.
> The only way to get the VSITE running correctly again is to re-request a
> Lets Encrypt cert from the VSITE GUI.   It must be done one-by-one.

I just checked. The code there depends on SSL being enabled, SSL cert
not being expired and cert- & key-file being present.

The catch seems to be that LE certs don't store their expiry date in
CODB, because the auto-renewal is based on a different database field.

So I just removed the check for the expiry date of the certs from the
condition that inserts the SSL-VirtualHost container into the siteX file
and published another base-apache update.

With that installed you can now batch-apply the changes to the Vhost
containers again by using the GUI as outlined in the previous message.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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