Hi Pesja,

> About one hour ago, one of my customers complained that his website was
> down. I detected that al of the SSL (Let’s Encrypt) websites where down.
> I can’t figured out what is wrong. But when I request or renew a new
> certificat for a server, it takes a very long time (more then 15
> minutes). It look’s like it’s stuck.

Please do this:

Login by SSH as "admin" and "su -" to gain root access.

Stop and restart CCEd:

killall -9 cced
killall -9 pperld
/usr/sausalito/sbin/cced.init restart

Then make sure you're fully YUM updated:

yum clean all
yum update

Once that's done go to the GUI at "Server Management" / "Security" /
"PHP Settings" and make a small change there. What you change doesn't
really matter. Like: Bump "Memory limit" up one notch to the next higher
value and save the changes.

That will cause the GUI to redo the VirtualHost containers for all
Vsites and it'll bring the SSL certificates back for the Vsites that are
currently missing them.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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