Hi Meaulnes,

> lately, something changed in the ssh configuration on all my virtual
> servers, I now get kicked out with a broken pipe after a definitively
> too short time...
> instead of having to edit all ~/.ssh/config  on all servers and add
> the ServerAliveInterval  and ServerAliveCountMax  lines, is there an
> easier way to achieve this and return to the previous configuration?

I'm not aware of any changes there. We haven't touched any of the SSH
settings in a couple of years. So I assume both the ServerAliveInterval
and ServerAliveCountMax are using default values as provided by the OS.

We could of course make these configurable in the GUI and introduce
different defaults.

However: On my workstation I'm usually logged in by SSH on almost all my
servers all the time and these connections stay alive on their own for
days (sometimes weeks) until I either reboot the workstation or my ISP
has yet another outage.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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