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Ive upgraded my server hardware and at the same time decided to jump to 5209R as we are running 5208R so this seemed a logical step forward. I tried this about twelve months ago and failed after stumbling on the same aliases issue. At the time we moved office and had to co host out to Virtbiz for a while as our leased line took six months to get installed. I had the same issue then so just ran the old VM back up again and let things be.
I would really like to crack this.

Basically, none of the aliases will work after a migration between the boxes.
Everything else seems to work fine so far during testing.

I purchased the solarspeed backup / restore to see if this would work but it makes no difference. I guess this just automates the CMU export and import to make things easier from the GUI.

I hate to ask for help but have spent another three days trying to find out what the issue could be. Ive read back over all the post I could find on the mail list and tried them all.

When trying to send an email to an alias, email reports "user unknown".

Followed the CMU migration steps precisely on blueonxy.it (except the MYSQL imports which I did manually in the end).

Things I have tried.....

I don't think its a DNS issue unless 5209R handles things differently to 5208R.
With the current DNS setup, 5208R works a dream.
Ive tried the naming alterations to no avail.

makemap hash runs without errors.

Ive tried forcing things (by removing aliases, saving then putting them back in again). The /etc/mail/virtusertable and virtusertable.db files are being updatedwith the aliases when added through the GUI.
So it all appears to be working in the background.

Kicking sendmail every time with a manual restart and even a whole reboot.

Ive found a post by Chris @ Virtbiz about changing /etc/mail/virtusertable.mailman.db<http://www.magma-group.co.uk/>and recompiling.
Chris says it occurs only on a mailman enabled box.
Next progression is to remove mailman (we dont use it) and see if this patches things up.

On 5208R ALL old aliases work but if I now create a new one, I get "user unknown".
Very strange.

Would anyone have any other suggestions please?
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