Hi Philip,

> Basically, none of the aliases will work after a migration between the> boxes.
When this happens, there can be several causes. Like /etc/mail/access
and /etc/mail/virtusertable not really having the aliases that the GUI
says it should have. We do have a script included in BlueOnyx that
"takes away" the aliases and puts them back in, forcing a rewrite of the
Sendmail config files:


Another potential problem: If you're using C-Names in the DNS. In that
case Sendmail will be unable to resolve aliases. Emailing to the full
usern...@www.site.com will work, but user alias and/or domain alias like
this will not work: user_al...@site.com

So please make sure to only use DNS A Records (and of course MX records)
for anything email related.

This is such a repetitive topic that it was even the first FAQ entry on
the BlueOnyx website. Because it's all too easy to get wrong and people
frequently stumble across it.

So please take a moment to read this article and check if you're
*really* in the clear as far as email server aliases and DNS go:


Please let us know if this helped or if things are still at odds after
you checked this.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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