On 11.03.18 18:20, Michael Stauber wrote:
Hi Meaulnes,
lately, something changed in the ssh configuration on all my virtual servers, I 
now get kicked out with a broken pipe after a definitively too short time... 
instead of having to edit all ~/.ssh/config  on all servers and add the 
ServerAliveInterval  and ServerAliveCountMax  lines, is there an easier way to 
achieve this and return to the previous configuration?
I'm not aware of any changes there. We haven't touched any of the SSH settings 
in a couple of years. So I assume both the ServerAliveInterval and 
ServerAliveCountMax are using default values as provided by the OS. We could of 
course make these configurable in the GUI and introduce different defaults. 
However: On my workstation I'm usually logged in by SSH on almost all my 
servers all the time and these connections stay alive on their own for days 
(sometimes weeks) until I either reboot the workstation or my ISP has yet 
another outage.
hmmm ... I'm jealous!:-)

then it must be my terminal client that changed the keep alive settings. Or by 
changing the ssh port from 22 to /<hidden>/? The drops happened afterwards, but 
I don't guess that port change is the culprit...

I'm using iTerm2 as a terminal on a Mac. When I used Windows, I had PuTTY. I 
reinstalled PuTTY on my Windows emulation on the Mac. PuTTY can be configured 
to prevent broken pipes. And I just found out that there is a Mac version of 
it! So I'll try this.

Thank you and best regards

Meaulnes Legler
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