Hi Meaulnes,

> Or by changing the ssh port from 22 to /<hidden>/? The drops happened
> afterwards, but I don't guess that port change is the culprit...

This could be related. Some apps and firewalls give priority to 22/TCP.
APF does this for example, but when you change the SSH port via the GUI
APF simply applies that kind of traffic shaping to the new SSH port.

> PuTTY can be configured to prevent broken pipes. And I just found out
> that there is a Mac version of it! So I'll try this.

Very well. On my Linux desktop (Ubuntu) I use "Konsole", because I can
easily script it to one-click login me into all servers at once and
present those shells in properly named tabs. Plus do other things in one
go, like mounting certain remote directories locally via "sshfs".

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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