Hi Brian,

> Installed SSL certificate (along with root and intermediate certificates
> under the authority section) and for the server works well in SSL web. 
>  However, under SSL SMTP and TLS tells me that the intermediate
> certificate is not installed and the chain is broken.  How can I fix this?

Vsites on a BlueOnyx can have their own SSL certificate.

Services such as SMTP, FTP, GUI, POP3 and IMAP use the SSL certificate
of the server itself. The SSL certificate there uses the server-name,
which is configured under "Server Management" / "System Settings" /
"TCP/IP". By default BlueOnyx sets up a self-signed certifticate through
the GUI.

That certificate can be managed through the GUI at this location:

"Server Management" / "Security" / "SSL".

If you install a "real" SSL certificate via the GUI, be sure to also
upload the Intermediates (if there are any) via the button "Manage
Certificate Authorities".

The easiest way to deal with SSL certificates for the GUI is to simply
click on the button "Let's Encrypt". That will handle the request,
install and automated renewals for SSL certificates and it also directly
installs the needed intermediate.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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