Hi Ernie,

> Redhat RHEL 7.5 was released today.
> Don't know when CentOS 7.5 will happen.

Yeah, just saw it mentioned on Reddit. The public announcement reads
like a whole deal of nothingburger: "Yay, more cloud! Better tools for
appbuilders! Faster storage access, weeeee!"

Python 2.7 has been deprecated, though, and got replaced with Python 3.
So that might (briefly) bite us as far as the "Let's Encrypt" Certbot is
concerned. It can do Python 3, but I'm almost sure there will be a small
glitch with that transition.

Other than that: I'm more curious what broken version of OpenSSL we get
and what they've done to Apache this time around. ;-)

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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