Hi Michael, and list,

I have a particular 5208R with AV-SPAM 6.3.0-1. We have been experiencing login 
attacks from China (nothing new there) that eventually render our SMTP server 

I get an email from Active Monitor telling me the SMTP server is down, and 
could not be restarted. Have have to ssh into the box, issue a 
"/usr/sausalito/sbin/avspam_init.pl -restart” command, then everything is right 
with the world… Until the next attack.

My question/suggestion: Isn’t there, or could there be, an addition to the SMTP 
swatch routine that tries a AV-SPAM init in the process of trying to get the 
SMTP server running again?

Clearing the AV-SPAM database helps for a couple days, at the expense of losing 
all the learned rules… Not liking that.

Any suggestions?

Jeff Folk

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