On Apr 12, 2018, at 11:50 AM, Michael Stauber <mstau...@blueonyx.it> wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>> Ok. I think we are good this time… Only thing I noticed - on first
>> install, the open ports list was EMPTY - explaining why everything got
>> locked.
> Hell, yeah. That is absolutely not supposed to happen and explains why
> you were locked out. :-(
>> This install has a fully populated open ports list, and enabling
>> ssh protection was successful, and all services are available.
> Very well. I'm glad you could solve it.

Well, shucks darn… After all this, I’ve had 2 more instances of SMTP going down 
where I have to issue a avspam_init command.

Am I going to have to abandon AV-SPAM? Grrrr


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