2017-05-05 0:04 GMT+08:00 Italo Vignoli <it...@libreoffice.org>:

> COSCUP is the largest open source event in Taiwan, and is planned for
> August 5/6 in Taipei. The schedule will be based on tracks, which will
> be organized and managed by open source communities. Based on Franklin
> Weng suggestion, we will file a proposal for an ODF community track to
> educate the government about the advantages of switching to the ODF
> standard document format to foster interoperability, with sessions in
> English and Chinese.
> The Taiwanese community has invited me to talk about open standards and
> educate about ODF within the migration to LibreOffice, expanding what I
> have already presented at LibreOffice Conferences and in speeches in
> Italy to the Ministry of Defence.
> Based on the travel schedule, Franklin Weng will also try to organize a
> meeting with the local authorities just before or after the event, to
> strengthen the relationship with TDF.
> Unfortunately, travel cost to Taiwan are not negligible. At the moment
> the combination between flight ticket and accommodation is around 1,400
> Euro. Based on these figures, I ask for approval of the expense (being
> myself a budget approver, I abstain).
> Thanks, Italo
I'm sorry that I didn't plan it earlier.  This year COSCUP decided to let
open source communities apply for their own tracks and can have several
hours to plan their own sessions.  It's the first time they try this way
and I think it may be good to have someone from TDF to give a talk and if
possible, to arrange you to meet with the directors in NDC Taiwan.


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