Minutes of the Membership Committee meeting on 2017-10-30

1. Call to order & Roll Call

The meeting took place on 2017-10-30.
Membership Committee Members present: Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco, Gabriele
Ponzo, Stephan Bergmann, Miklos Vajna, Klaus-J├╝rgen Weghorn (deputy),
Cor Nouws

2 - BoD Elections

2.a mail with extra information to members.
    We will add some extra text. It must be fully clear that
    00:00 is the start of that day, and 24:00 the end.

2.b Looking at the specific tasks in organizing and overseeing
    the elections for the MC, these are:
    1. extra mails that may be needed
       e.g. reminder for people who did not vote yet
       - task for the chair
    2. handle back-up list of emails+tokens, when voting starts
       members may need to ask for resending of the token
       - task for the chair
    3. access to the server having the voting software
       website + database, to be able to oversee the process
       - at least one MC member should do this, preferably two
       - Stephan and Miklos will do this
    4. pulling raw data from the database after voting and
       handling with the software for the results according
       the Meek method
       - at least two MC members should do this
       - Miklos and chair and Stephan will do this.

3 - New chairman
3.a  Cor has announced to step down as chairman, since he is candidate
     for the BoD. So we need to vote on a new chair.
     - Stephan and Miklos Suggesting Gabriele as the new Chair since
       he is one of the longest standing members, and Gustavo already
       handles most of the work for the mcm-DB.
     - Gabriele is indeed willing to do this, with some support.
     - All votes support Gabriele as new chairman.
     - Thanks to Gabriele for being willing to do this.

4 - Notes meeting 2017-10-10
4.a  Any more remarks? (Thanks Gustavo for yours.)
4.b  If we are happy with it, can we put it on the wiki, or mail
     to a public list, or..
     - Plan is to publish the Rome minutes on the wiki. (Cor)
       and mail the members-list about the publication (Gabriele)
     - Do this by the end of this week. Remarks can be sent
       ultimo Wednesday

5 - Mail to attendees from the conference.
     - We have not seen any more suggestions on the draft mail we did
       send to TDF-core
       So let's ask Italo/* to actually send it. (Gabriele)

6 - Closing of the meeting

Miklos Vajna, Keepers of the minutes
Cor Nouws, chairman first part of the meeting
Gabriele Ponzo, chairman second part of the meeting

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