Hi Cor,

Take care!  Wish you heal well soon.


On 2018年6月20日 下午6:44:30 [台北], Cor Nouws <cor.no...@documentfoundation.org> 
>Hi all,
>Some already know, but repeating for others to know: 10 day's ago I've
>broken the elbow of my right arm, the one that is leading, so I'm in a
>phase where I have to be careful and am limited in what I can and not.
>This in the situation where we just moved home (and office) to a new
>house, with lots to do.
>This eats quite some energy and attention. So apologies for me being
>silent and slow in answering etc. But please always do poke me if
>needed, but then in a way that it's e.g. visible in the subject of the
>I'm confident that all will be well, and we're happy with and grateful
>for the new home :)
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