Dear members of The Document Foundation,

First of all, I would like to say thanks to all my colleagues on the Membership Committee (MC) during 2016-2018. Being part of it has been a fantastic experience for me and I would be honoured to continue my collaborative work as a member of the MC in the next term.

Who I am:
I'm Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Husband, father, systems analyst. Gaucho, Brazilian and Latin American. I have been working in our Community since 2003 (in the age of, mainly in the Brazilian project in many areas (documentation, digital inclusion, marketing, extensions,...). I also have been contributed as reviewer on the Certification Committee, as volunteer in many Free Software projects and events in Latin America (FISL,,..) and spreading news with the @opendocument on Twitter.

Why I'm candidate to the MC again:
In 2016, I was elected for the MC with the objective to represent our global and plural project. During this time, I have been actively envolved in understand different scenarios and kinds of contributions of the members around the World, specially ones of the Neo-Latin languages speakers.

Inside the MC, my main task have been handling member applications and renewals with the mcm-script, an operational task but the core of many TDF's administrative procedures. I spend almost all my collaborative time on it, but I'm really glad to contribute doing this important and regular task. Now, after learn and use the mcm-script a lot, it's time to share the knoledgment about it. So, besides improve the relations with the members and the community, my objective in a new term is improving our internal processes based in the mcm-script.

-- # --

Full name: Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco
Email address:
Affiliation: IT Foundation of the Municipality of Canoas (please note that my current position in MC is personal and independent and it will remain personal and independent if I'm elected for another term).

I will provide information on all future changes as soon as possible.

My 75 words official candidacy statement:
I’m candidate to the MC again to continue representing our global and plural project, understanding different scenarios and kinds of contributions of the members around the World. I want to continue dedicating my collaborative work as responsible to handle applications and renewals with the mcm-script and improving our internal process to provide better support to our members and our Community.

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