Hi all,

I would like to nominate myself for the next MC of TDF.

I am Muhammet Kara from Turkey, member/translator/developer/advocate of various FOSS projects since early 2000s, and I have been contributing to LibreOffice in various ways since 2016, including code contributions, translation, qa work, marketing/advocacy, taking part in the Design Team as a developer...

Although I would like to see LibreOffice and other FOSS projects flourish in every aspect, I have a secret agenda of attracting more developers (especially cs students from universities) to our community, and helping maintain/increase its diversity. -Oh, it is no more a secret! :)-

Some other FOSS projects I contribute(d) to:

     o GNOME Turkish Translation Team (coordinator)
     o GNOME Engagement Team (member)
 * KDE
     o Retired translator
 * The (GNU) Translation Project
     o Translator
 * Fedora
     o Bug reporting
     o Advocacy
     o Translation

Some links:

 * Personal blog: http://muhammetkara.com/
 * Twitter: https://twitter.com/muhamm3tkara
 * GitHub profile: https://github.com/mrkara
 * Open Hub account: https://www.openhub.net/accounts/mkara
 * Gerrit: https://goo.gl/XyK7pE

My statement:
A member of this great community from Turkey. Working on LibreOffice as a developer, marketer, tester, translator... Trying to spread the love of FOSS around here, by running workshops, giving talks and coordinating local teams, in the hope of bringing fresh blood into our community. I would be happy to play my part in making this already great community even greater. If elected, I will focus on diversity, and making our processes smoother for all.

My name: Muhammet Kara
E-mail adress: k...@libreoffice.org
Corporate affiliation: Pardus

I will provide information on all future changes as soon as possible.


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