Dear members of The Document Foundation, I'm writing to submit my self
nomination as candidate for the next Membership Committee.

It's always an honor to be in the MC, but also a pleasure because it gives
the opportunity to work with really fantastic and active people to help TDF
and our community to grow and keep healthy. For this reason I just have to
say many thank you's to all the people of current MC, BoD and staff of TDF.
Trying to grow our community ends up to let also grow myself a lot!

Here's my 75 words statement:
I'm already part of the current MC and it's been the second term, during
which I've been honored to become chairman as I currently am. My willing
for the next term is to foster inclusiveness in terms of gender, but also
trying to represent both our projects: LibreOffice AND Document Liberation.
Listening to members from both and trying to involve new people from all
over the world, especially where we're not yet or not enough represented.

Full name: Gabriele Ponzo


Affiliation: GPS (self employee)

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